Wednesday, 2 December, 2009

Now Tata Nano goes green

One of the most prominent events for the automobile industry in the year was the launch of Tata Nano, the poor man’s car. The car is out there to fit in the budget of most people who desire to possess a car but are not financially in a position to do so.
Tata has now announced plans to produce a green version of the car. The car will be going hybrid. Mr Rattan Tata, Chairman of the Tata group and Tata Motors announced the ambitious plan on a visit to South Korea. Mr Tata is also believed to have said that the price war will continue and will soon see the low priced car emerging the winner.
Hybrid cars use dual power. The car runs on battery when possible and only falls back on primary power supply of petrol or diesel when there is a requirement. This leads to a very low consumption of fossil fuels and a high mileage. No further details were available but the project looks very interesting.

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