Saturday, 13 June, 2009

Stone in kidney

Today I visited Deepam Kidney hospital located near tambaram to check stone presence in my kidney, I referred Dr Raman. I had 12mm size stone in right side kidney which is broken through laser 45 days before. Second time same process done to demolish the stone & today time to check whether it is still in kidney or passed away. I started today at 10am & rushed to hospital as I was late. As usual doctor wasn’t reached hospital from main branch. I waited patiently; at last I met doctor at 11.30am. Sir checked me and confirmed still 5mm stone remains in kidney & suggested to do laser piercing third time. He had appointment in Pammal branch for surgery & requested me to wait for another 90 minutes.
I went with a anantha vikadan magazine & read completely to push the time. I had two times tea & snacks in this period, still not able to manage. Nurse Nithya had a chat with me regard my books reading practice as I always read book in hospital when ever I went their. I acknowledged that comment & continue my work. Two times she checked with Pammal hospital & conveyed me doctor will reach soon, which is quite usual in a hospital.

Finally she received a call from doctor & asked her to make theatre ready. Finally doctor reached at 1.30pm & called for laser process. I am able to see difference in machine & checked with doctor, he replied as there is problem in machine alternate parts are fitted in machine. He said me sound will be more due to changes in machine & their wont be worsen pain due to this. Nurse did a mistake in assembly of bladder which doctor identified & corrected it. Process of laser demolish is patient need to bud kidney portion to machine & laser will hit continuously which will broke the stone which is named as Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL).
Process took 1 hour, till that it was difficult for me to manage. Pain is their in one end & I felt sleepy because yesterday night I watched T20 cricket till night 2’O clock. Finally when he finishes the process after 1 hour I was sleeping & he only made me to awake. He told that he tried to demolish the stone as best he can & picture wasn’t clear to view the stone. I felt ashamed as the only person in this world who slept while laser hits the body. Tube is inserted in urinary passage to avoid injury while stone is passing through urine. This was done before 1st treatment by giving anesthesia & will be removed after two weeks after confirming no stone in kidney. Removal will be done without anesthesia which makes me worried. Their will be irritation while passing urine & blood will be mixed with urine because of this tube. Hope readers shouldn’t experience these things in their life.

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